LED Strip Light-Making Our Life Bright and Beautiful

July 25th, 2014
  One of the easiest ways to improve the appearance of your home is to add some LED strip lights.  These lights are designed to help you illuminate your home, while at the same time providing you with a sense of style.  One of the great things about lights is you can use them on the inside of your home or the outside. If you are looking to decorate your backyard with LED lights, you would probably be interested in the different LED strip lighting that is available.    How to connect and use led strip lights to decorate your house?  That’s not a big problem, very easy. Teach you as under:   How do you think about it?   it is easy, right?  What's more, I can offer some suggestion of choosing LED strip lights, power adapters for you too, if needed, pls feel free to contact me.   I am pleased to offer my help for you.   Best Regards, Lily Email:sales1@vail-tech.com  

What Are LED Downlights?

July 22nd, 2014
Dear friends, LED downlights are light bulb alternatives for indoor or outdoor lighting. These light fixtures shine LED light from a hole in the ceiling. These lights are popular because they use less energy, produce less heat, and emit more light than fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs.   The term downlight describes a light fixture that is installed into a hole in the ceiling. It is called a downlight because the light shines down from the ceiling. When the light is produced from an LED, as opposed to another light source, it is called an LED downlight. LED downlights are sometimes called recessed lights, pot lights, or can lights. The light can shine down broadly to light up a whole area or narrowly like a spotlight.   The LED qualifier in LED downlights describes the light source. LED is an acronym for light-emitting diode. It is the source of the light. It is similar...

A Good Helper for Your Life- Portable&Rechargeable Flood Light

July 22nd, 2014
Dear friends, Pleased to contact you this week. First wish everything works well for you.   Summer is coming soon, and if you live near seaside, you must go to the beach and have good time there. Or maybe you prefer hiking in mountain or forest. All these activities are good for life, but sometime, unhappy thing maybe happen suddently.  Such as, when you and your family or friends drive back to home from seaside, and suddently, something happened to your car, and it is dark for you to repair it, how do you do?  Or when you are at home, and suddently the electricity is cut down, how do you do?     Don’t worry, today, introduce a new kind LED light to you, which is convenient for any condition without electricity, and you need brightness urgently. Which LED light is called Portable & Rechargeable FloodLight.                     There are 5W, 10W, and 10W for choosing, and its advantage is emergency...

How to choose the qualified LED tube light

July 21st, 2014
How to choose the qualified LED tube light    LED tube light is of varying quality, it is often difficult to choose ,we do not know how to distinguish the various quality and performance of LED tube light, here I will briefly explain . 1 ) First of all, the core of LED tube is the chip. Under normal circumstances the United States , Japan is slightly better , the chip of LED tube produced in Taiwan, mainland is lesser , now the chip specifications are commonly used 2835,3528,,3014 , each specification sizes and chip cooling methods are not the same . 2 ) the parameters of LED tube, the nominal value of focus are: flux , Lumen, power consumption , W, Lumen / W that is light efficiency, high luminous efficiency of LED tube light is good , lamp standards, whether it is interfaces commonly used. 3 )the colloids : the colloidal of ordinary LED tube light is generally epoxy resin, LED tube light with a UV resistant and fire retardant is expensive, high- quality outdoor LED...

Crystal Light with G4 and G9 lamp beads different roles

July 21st, 2014
Currently, Most crystal lamps on the market are used in G4 and G9 light lamp beads. Both types have any different? What a different role? First, G4 and G9 refer to different models bulb (lamp beads) of the pin type, G is representative of two or more pins lamp holder, And this is used in the lamp bulb refers pins category. From 4 or 9 or 5.3,6, etc. are referred to the center point between the pins.   Secondly, G4 or G9 these have two obvious differences, The most fundamental difference is that the G4 can only do low pressure, because the pins of the distance is too close. So if your lights are the G4, So there must be a transformer inside ceiling lamp plate. G9 only do high pressure now, That is, if your lights are the lights above the G9 will not have a transformer.   Finally, Judging from the appearance, G4 lamp beads of two prongs like embroidery needles, Light bulbs are small, G9 two pins are like oval ring pin , don’t like Needle-like prongs, so the light bulb...

Why LED tubes are a good replacement for fluorescents

April 1st, 2014
LED tube lights outperform fluorescent tube lights on both costs and output. Thanks to its directional output, LED tubes deliver light where it is needed – on your work surface. Fig 1. 100 % Usable Light from a LED Tube   Fluorescent tubes on the other hand, waste as much as 30 – 50 % of their light – directing it towards the wall, the ceiling and the innards of the tube light fixture. Fig 2. 50 – 70 % Usable Light from a Fluorescent Tube Light     LED tube lights are superior to fluorescent tube lights for several reasons 1)    The Cost LED tubes cost more upfront than fluorescent tubes. The cost of ballast needs to be figured into the cost of fluorescent tubes. Each fluorescent tube with ballast would cost close to $ 25. Recurring high maintenance costs and electricity charges add to the misery and ensure that fluorescent tubes cost more than LED tubes.   Air-conditioning loads are higher with fluorescent tubes and further...

Double Ended LED Tube VS Single Ended LED Tube

April 1st, 2014
If you care about your surroundings and have been tired of using those harsh fluorescent lights or halogen bulbs around you, then you might just need to change. Led tube are a better choice than those traditional light sources that we all use before. How? Well, they are more economical, energy efficient, conserve power, lower our electricity bills and moreover get those hazardous fluorescent or other potentially dangerous incandescent lights out of our lives for good. Getting led lights installed is the best way to save money and go green to protect the earth and your own lives as well. Today introduce two ways of using LED tubes to replace old fluorescent tubes. First, check your old fluorescent tube is double ended power or just single ended power. This is important. If your old fluorescent tube is double ended power, under is introduction of installation for tubes double ended power. Step 1: Cut off the power for traditional tubes (Note:As just turn off switch for not sure power...

U.S. say goodbye to Incandescent.

April 1st, 2014
According to the 2007 United States enacted the Energy Independence and Security Act, with effect from January 1, 2014, the U.S. market's best-selling 40-watt and 60-watt incandescent stop the sale. After the elimination of the incandescent lamp, the United States encourages the use of energy-efficient compact fluorescent lamps, LED lamps and other energy efficiency higher bulbs. Analysts believe that, compared to other energy-saving lamps, LED bulbs more energy efficient, more environmentally friendly, the LED will replace incandescent broad market space. Investment Advisor in a research article pointed out that out of incandescent, LED lamp market potential. In Asia, South Korea, Thailand, the Philippines have also taken measures to promote the use of energy-saving light bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs. With the above-mentioned countries began a comprehensive ban incandescent light source will be fully opened to replace the 2014, LED lighting is expected to gradually enter the...

4 Ways to Decorate Your Home with RGB Flexible LED Strip Lights

April 1st, 2014
If you need to add a splash of colour or texture to a room, flexible RGB LED strip lights are a great way to do it. Flexible LED strip lights lend themselves very well to a wide range of lighting applications because of their small size and flexible design. They’re a bit thicker than a piece of tape and will stick onto many surfaces. They can also be placed in aluminum mounting channels for a clean, sleek look.   What are RGB LED lights? RGB stands for red, green, and blue. Each single LED (light-emitting diode) is made up of an array of three small LED chips that are the colors red, green, and blue. Yes! These are primary colors that we learned in preschool. These three colors, when added and subtracted together in various ways, make up a broad array of colors. In this article, we will show you five ways to decorate your home with RGB flexible LED strip lights.   1.       Cove Lighting Cove lighting is an easy way to get that...

Rechargeable led emergency light guarantees your safety

December 30th, 2013
 Most people like traveling by bike, or like camping, then emergency can occur anytime in our life. But, what matters is how tactfully we tackle them. Today one latest and popular LED light is introduced to you, which is called rechargeable led emergency light, very useful for your life. Application: This kind of led emergency light is made by Led chip source, include white light and red sos flashlight ;rechargeable as battery backup,also can be used as protable prower source to charge for other electronic products;  it's portable for carry as small size and hand rope.So it's widely used for home light,emergency light,cycling,camping,travel light,traffic,climbing and other outdoor usage. Under is the feature of led emergency light:  Power(W): 2W                                  Dimension:...
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