How to purchase LED bulbs?

December 17th, 2014
As long as the cost of LED bulbs with LED technology continues to improve and reduce. CFLs and incandescent bulbs will certainly be replaced by LED. Increasing emphasis on the current state lighting energy and environmental issues, has been vigorously promoting the use of LED light bulb. To choose a good, cost-effective LED bulbs, LED bulbs are best know better should meet the following requirements 1, energy saving. Energy consumption is only 1/10 of the white LED, energy saving lamp incandescent 1/4. 2, Longlife.. Life of up to 100,000 hours, for ordinary home lighting can be described as \ "once \." 3, you can work at high speed. Energy-saving lamps or if you frequently start off the filament will be black soon broken. 4, solid package, are cold-light source type. So it is very easy to transport and install, can be installed in any micro-and closed equipment, not afraid of vibration, basically do not consider heat dissipation. 5,environmental protection. No mercury harmful...

Which type led light be chosen for home decoration?

December 9th, 2014
For home decoration, we will often be confused when install light, want to install a set of collocation and the lighting lamps and lanterns that oneself like, very difficult, on the one hand, because there are many kinds of lamps and lanterns, ceiling light, downlight, canister light, led spot lamp, desk lamp, etc., on the other hand is because the lamps and lanterns lighting industry belongs to high visibility, low awareness of industry itself, users are familiar with but I do not know, plus industry is developing very fast, lighting lamps and lanterns of choose and buy does have some skills of choose and buy, create confusion also is very normal. In domestic outfit, down light and spot lamp to use most, on the one hand, because of the household need down light, spot light to these auxiliary lighting lamps and lanterns, on the other hand , this two types light is not limited to decorate a style. Basically each decorate a style suitable for tube lights and shoot the light, all kinds of...

Why should I use LED strip for home decoration?

December 5th, 2014
  As living standards improve, people's pursuit of material from the beginning of the previous turn of luxury comfort, environmental protection, LED light bar with color fidelity, diversity, environmental protection, long life and other characteristics into people's sight. Now home decoration, in addition to pay attention to the cultural connotation, we should also pay attention to light, color mix and energy saving, environmental protection requirements, LED light bar just to meet this condition. Luminous brightness LED light strip are common, bright, ultra-bright, to meet the needs of different people; luminous colors are red, green, blue, yellow, green, purple, colorful, white, etc., suitable for different environments, demand for different occasions; low power to an LED only 0.06W, there's only 0.03W, 12V DC power supply voltage, safe, environmental protection (DC no flicker, you can protect your eyes). The other is soft LED strip can be bent shape, fit the needs...

How to decorate this Christmas?

November 27th, 2014
  Christmas is coming… Are you ready? Let’s Go!     See,you can decorate your garden, your house, your room, and your Christmas tree by LED string light. It’s very easy to DIY. You can connect them by yourself, make it become what you wanted. It is very easy and beautiful, right?     A romantic dinner is necessary. If you are a romantic person, add some led candle light is more perfect.   It’s safe and beautiful.     Let’s get started! Join us.   Share your Christmas decoration scheme.   Best wishes, Mandy

How to distinguish LED lighting good or bad?

November 20th, 2014
First, look at the whole "lighting power factor": the power factor is low, indicating that the drive power supply, circuit design is not well, will greatly reduce the lamp life, low power factor, the use of even the best lamp beads lamp life is not president . Second, look at "lamp cooling conditions – materials, structures": LED lamp cooling is also very important, as the quality of lamps and lamp beads with power factor, if the conditions are not good heat lamp beads at high temperatures, the light fades will great, lamp life will be reduced. Third, look at "lamp beads quality": Lamp quality depends on the quality and chip packaging technology. Fourth, look at other parts of lamps used in drive power, the power of life relatively lamps, the life expectancy is much shorter, the overall impact of the life of the life of the lamp power supply, the theoretical life of lamp beads 5-10 million hours, and the power of life in the 0.2-3 million hours, power...

Led portable fllodlight , Out a good helper Practical and In case of emergency light

November 13th, 2014
   Now people like to travel, in general like to travel by car with tents, close to nature. Relax is preferred, but travel will be difficult to avoid some emergency situations every time, when your car breaks down. The sky is dark, you have to fix him, how do you do? Don’t worry, today, introduce a new kind LED light to you, which is convenient for any condition without electricity, and you need brightness urgently. Which LED light is called Portable & Rechargeable FloodLight. Feature: 1.Energy-saving, lifespan 10 times more than the ordinary lamp; 2.Encapsulated high power LED light source,high luminous efficiency and low light failure; 3.Equipped with optical lenses, effectively improve the lighting vision 4.emergency using for brightness need.   If you are interested in this kind useful light, pls feel free to contact me, we offer good price for you. Thank you.   Looking forwrad to hearing from you. Best wishes.   Mandy

How led tube to replace the traditional fluorescent tubes?

November 6th, 2014
How led tube to replace the traditional fluorescent tubes?   Now appearing on the market are directly connected to the LED lamp should AC110/220V power supply. Control power inside. LED fluorescent tube, no ballast, starter's.  Alternative methods: Bracket directly to the traditional fluorescent starter And take down all the ballast output input line cut, then came two lines of 110V/200V, a pulled fixed holder, pull the other end of a fixed holder, and just pick a good cut, wrap insulating tape, and then loaded on LED lamp on the line. Ballasted to go down all OK, anyway, and now he has no job, no power-hungry. But some say the ballast is not removed, then do not affect the work, but it will power it? 1 will burn off some energy, if you do not bother to remove the ballast would better 2 If is the electronic ballast, it must need to change.   About author Name:judy

With Christmas approaching, many people are using the string of Christmas lights decorate his own house, how about you?

October 31st, 2014
Christmas lights is a great landscape holiday. With the November and December comes, everywhere — Christmas trees, shrubs, bushes, the house lights strung, even the occasional passing vehicles are filled with lanterns! How to use the Christmas light string to decorate your house and car.  Now people pay more and more attention to the appearance, the arrival of the holiday to feel the atmosphere of the festival. Of course, is to buy some with holiday related products.Christmas is certainly not Christmas lights. How to choose a good Christmas lamp string, is the need to pay attention to the following several aspects: 1.Brightness of the led strip.Avoid Poor quality of the light string used once, not bright. 2.Waterproof grade products. If you want this product working in the outdoor,we Suggest you choice IP67 and IP68 led Christmas string light, Avoid Light foot burst into water make light yellow,light foot fracture and the whole light does not shine. 3.Note that the lamp...

11 Advantages of Led Bulb

October 24th, 2014
  LED bulb is the LED lighting products with all the most popular one, entering 2014 , selling LED bulb is expected to continue rising. what good is it? Why is there such a high sales?   11 advantages: 1>Energy-efficient , the LED power consumption is only one-tenth of incandescent, energy saving lamps quarter. 2>Long life. Life of up to 100,000 hours, for ordinary household lighting is \ "once and for all \" 3>Can work at high speed. For energy-saving lamps , if you frequently start off .it will quickly broken and filament will be black. 4>LED technology is the rapid progress, its luminous efficiency is astounding breakthrough, prices have also been reduced. A white LED is rapidly coming into the home. 5>Significant energy saving. Adopt Ultra-bright LED light source, with high-efficiency power than traditional incandescent than 80%, the same power 10 times brighter than incandescent lamps 6> Environmental  protection, no mercury harmful substances....

Incandescent LED Bulb lighting

October 17th, 2014
The most common function is the lamp lighting,With the development of society, the use of light bulbs also plays different changes,May initially be provided in order to facilitate the production and living,However, with the progress of society, in the use of light bulbs has also been significant changes.Began to have "car, landscaping, decorative" functional so different uses lights..A source who is widely used, it exudes a warm dusky light, most of us think of the light bulb,It's cheap, therefore, incandescent light bulbs have also varied to match different style lamps. Now led us know more details about incandescent bulbs: 1.The photos 2.The Advantages: A:Energy conservation. Consumption is only one tenth of white LED, energy-saving incandescent lamps quarter. B.Longevity. Life of up to 500,000 hours C.can work at high speed. Energy-saving lamps or if you frequently start off quickly broken filament will be black. D.Easy to transport and install, can be installed in any...
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